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  • EnAppSys provides cloud-based market monitoring services to power stations, suppliers and traders, backed by its GB electricity market database, coupled with highly respected market consultancy and modelling services.

    With one of the largest and most diverse customer lists in the market, EnAppSys has a wealth of experience in modelling new generating assets, market reporting and data processing, alongside specialist areas such as price and renewable generation forecasting.

    The market monitoring tools available at netareports.com provide suppliers, traders and large coal and CCGT stations with key insight into market activity both historically and in real-time.

    EnAppSys also plays a key role in supporting customers through an increasingly complex and changing market and has been particularly successful in supporting the new flexible distribution-connected generation that represents the strongest source of capacity growth in the market. The company is also seeing increased activity supporting the growing storage and EFR markets.

    Trials are available for all of our services with demonstrations available to show how to get the most out of these services. To find out more get in touch by email at info@enappsys.com or by phone on 01642 671111.

    EnAppSys Latest News

    Release of Q2 2017 Market Summary

    We have released our summary of Q2 2017 in the GB power market.